Manosphere grifters misuse evolutionary psychology to promote anti-feminist views





He has the skill of convincing people that his shouted word salad has meaning.

He has no qualifications in anything, and never has.


Most of us spent the better part of a year completely surrounded by a woman and her DNA…no wonder people keep panicking about Y chromosomes shrinking…


I have only in recent years realized that some people think words and truth matter, and others use words like a flag - signalling to others which camp they’re from. “Our team says this, so I will too.” It’s been a real shock finding out how little actual truth means to people.

As you say, whether they believe it or not means a lot less than their showing us who they are.


Doubly so, as the outcome is often the same, either way…


Not everyone.


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I’m out!

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My undergrad work was in comparative and evolutionary psychology, with bachelors in psych and bio. I only acknowledge this in select spaces because the first association most people have with the idea is these fools who’ve co-opted the concept for their war on women. I’m going to start taking it back by pointing out that the only reason they’re able to survive is that the rest of the species evolved far enough that we don’t cull their destructive asses like the atavistic fantasy versions of cavemen they like to imagine would.


This is so stupid it makes Charlie sound like a physician.


… a professional YouTube influencer decades before YouTube even existed :confused:


Given the loaded current usage of the term Pickup-artist, one could assume that some of our recycling specialists would object to be called like this.

Obligs for everyone speaking German:


PREGNANCIES can create micro-chimerism, where tiny colonies of the fetal cells set up in the mother’s body.


These people want to treat life like a video game. “If I just enter this sequence, I will get the wanted results.”

You can’t make someone like-like you. It just happens. Sometimes sometimes initial “meh” tuns into something else, but most of the time if two people like each other it just happens.

Shower, wear deodorant, and go experience things Be yourself and be nice about it and it will eventually happen. It won’t happen every time you want it to, and trying to make something happen that never will is a recipe for disaster. Cut your losses and keep looking.

Don’t listen to schmucks like Tate. He only got where he is at with manipulation and cruelty and I doubt he has ever experienced actual love from someone. He doesn’t want you to get successful, he wants you constantly hungry, needy, and alone so he can keep selling you “the cure”.

That’s my elevator pitch advice.


It’s possible they heard something about that research and twisted it into the nonsense stated.


I don’t think most of them even want to be “like-liked”. (Some of them, yes, they desperately do want that. And they’re too desperate or invested to realise that they’re on exactly the wrong path to ever have that.)

What they want, what they’re after, is the Konami code to get sex. They don’t want consequences, they don’t want human interaction, they certainly don’t want to treat women as if they’re human beings with agency and desires of their own.

What they want is “↑↑↓↓←→←→BA … grab your clothes on the way out babe.”

I doubt he has ever experienced actual love for anyone, except for himself.

This. But more than that, the cure is the Konami Code for sex. And one of the techniques for selling it to you is the idea that it’s the only way to do it. That there is no other way of achieving human connection.


I just say that it is maybe a reason but is a lousy excuse.

Well, that’s the thing, right?
Breeders are to make more culture by making more non-breeders.

I don’t hold to that but it has been a thing.

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How about we don’t use dehumanizing language for anyone, yeah? You know what “breeders” are… people. You know what “non-breeders” are - people. Just treat people like people, FFS.

Also, What precisely are you attempting to say, that people with children don’t make culture… you know that’s bullshit, right? So, no it’s “not a thing”…


Yep. A friend who worked in sex work made an observation to the effect of: “So many clients think they want a shag, when what they really want is a hug and someone to listen and care. They just don’t know it.”