Mario says "Fuck you!" to Luigi on "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!" (1989)

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Oh god, you’ve brought it back. “Swing your arms from side to side, come on, it’s time to go do the Mario!” A frantic, glassy eyed Cap’n Lou going through the motions as the end-credits scroll. This is not a good childhood memory you’ve made me relive.


Mario is the one who says “fuck you” to Luigi, you got it mixed up. He says it after Luigi removes the spaghetti from his overalls. (pretty sure he was saying thank you, but clickbait gonna clickbait…)


I used to watch that. There were two sets of hosts, first it was Mario and Luigi with Captain Lou: “Hey Pizano’s!! It’s the Super Mario Brothers Super Show!”

Then later Mario and Luigi got replaced by "Tommy Treehugger and some other guy. Tommy would say something like “Peace, Love, and Recycling!” at the end of the show.

I vaguely remember an episode that profiled cartoon character versions of Milli Vanilli.

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You’re right that Mario delivers the line, but I turned my sound up and it doesn’t sound like he says, “thank you” to me.

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From a different vid: “Mario, you have got to lay off those mushrooms!”


Yes, thanks!


I had to listen to it twice because I didn’t hear it. I had to try to hear it to make it work. He’s clearly saying “Thank you”.


Man, that was so spectacularly awful. I kept watching with the expectation that eventually they were going to, y’know, actually talk about video games and I was perpetually disappointed. At least Mario and Luigi with Captain Lou tried to have some kind of a plot.

On a related note, saw this in the news today:


I preferred the Captain Lou segmets too. I was bummed out when the Club Mario first appeared and they were gone. I suspect that whoever produced that show lost the rights to Mario and Luigi for their live action segments. Club Mario didn’t use much in terms of imagery, props or characters from the Mario Brothers universe.

It’s like how those awful Uwe Boll movies have little to nothing to do with the games they’re named after.


I wonder: do the Mario Bros. still live in DUMBO, or did it get too expensive?

Wow, I remember distinctly when they switched to the “Club Mario” version (I even remember the theme song). Not really knowing any better as a kid, I always wondered why they swapped formats but your explanation makes a lot of sense. I did not remember that the host’s name was Tommy Treehugger, but I do remember that he was like a extreme rock-and-roll surfer dude, so I guess throwing recycling ensures you reach Poochie levels of 90s parody.


Donkey Kong would have ripped his freakin’ head off for that insult…

Because of the sound effects, I couldn’t hear it either, no matter how hard I tried. All I heard was “you”. Context indicates the missing word was “thank”. It could have been “fuck” but it could just as easily have been “good for”.

Funny how y’all share that avatar. Even got Pesco confused, replying to the wrong one of you. :crazy_face:

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