Marjorie Taylor Greene panics over her brainwashed voters getting brainwashed (video)

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Well, outlets like O(n)AN and NewsTrash do keep their viewers’ brains polluted, so no washing going on there.


According to TFG:

Critical thinking (skills) = Brainwashing.


It’s the same old lie repackaged. “The media is biased!” Bring back the Fairness Doctrine and the rules against concentrated ownership of local media, please.


After listen to that, I’m honestly exhausted. Having to deal with people living in alternate realities (that even they don’t fully believe in), complaining about “mainstream” media, that doesn’t even really push back against the lies it lets them tell, it just usually doesn’t accept them as its own reality… it’s wearing me out.



Would the fairness doctrine do any good? Neither Fox, OANN nor Newsmax are broadcast


See my post above. The end of the fairness doctrine made it a profitable enterprise in the US to be openly partisan (at least on the right). Without the rise of Limbaugh on broadcast radio, I don’t think you get the space for Fox news. :woman_shrugging:


Sadly, that’s a key part of the strategy.


That’s the fig leaf they hide behind - not “broadcast” on national airwaves. But I don’t see why The Fairness Doctrine can’t simply be applied to cable and internet “news channels”. Cable and internet are just as much part of government developed public communications as “the airwaves”.


Yeah, it would be pretty easy to apply to more than just “broadcast” media.

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Is she really not old enough to remember when there were only 4-5 major television networks: Those being Dumont, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS? I caught the tale end of the Dumont Network. The were famous for their totally “real” professional wrestling. I used to hide under the living room table and watch. The other 4 were all we had. My generation didn’t turn into brainwashed zombies. Those 4 are still around.

Is she really asking for an all Trump, all right-wing conservative, all the time television network? Talk about a brainwashing TV network. Sheesh.

Airwaves are limited and localized. It’s a lot easier to justify there. When you have practically unlimited, it’s going to bring more of the First Amendment issues to the fore.

Do you want more right wing content on BB, because that’s what you’re asking for? If they’re not a news organization, neither is Fox, as courts have said they’re entertainment, not news.

Do news sites need to be registered, like, say, bloggers in Florida?

What about Guardian, Daily Mail, BBC, Al Jazeera, RT., Der Spiegel? They’re all on the internet.


Well, it’s not currently applied to ANYTHING, because it ended in the late 80s…

One of the last things that Reagan did to fuck us all over while in office… :woman_shrugging:


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