Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse now a "deserted fantasyland"

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Hololens was a (crappy) AR/MR headset, not VR, and just overlaid stuff onto the real world, the viewport was tiny, and the battery was crap in v1, but it was still much better than VR in terms of real world applicability. It also wouldn’t have fooled you into thinking something that wasn’t a toilet was, as all you had to do was look at it slightly off center and the AR projection disappeared :expressionless:


How many billions of dollars did it take to produce this tripe? I’m starting to suspect the whole metaverse business was really just some money laundering shenanigan.


According to the article, $36bn. Thirty-six billion American dollars.


The Metaverse exists. It’s called Fortnite and Minecraft.

Meta’s Horizon is a pathetic joke in comparison (my previous company, never one to pass on a dumb fad, bought every employee an Oculus Quest 2, and I got to try the utterly useless virtual meeting room and whiteboard feature). Not for lack of engineering talent, but utterly inept general and product management, that led to John Carmack’s resignation.

Zuckerberg is right in his assessment that Facebook is dwindling, Instagram will peak because TikTok has superseded it with Gen Z, and antitrust authorities will not allow Meta to buy out more competitors, which is why he is trying to gain control over VR as the next computing platform (even though it’s more likely to be AR), and in fact has a dominant share of the VR hardware market due to highly subsidized headsets sold at a loss. But a correct diagnosis is not the same as competent execution of solutions to his business problem.


Buying Israeli VPN provider Onavo (which used compression to reduce their customers’ bills on limited data plans) and using their data to identify up-and-coming competitors like Instagram and taking them over was a stroke of evil business genius. I don’t think his business acumen can be dismissed.

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Semi-rhetorical question, I knew it was some obscene number, but thank you! I’ll check out the article, looks like it’s got a ton of juice.
Anyhow 36 billion dollars… that’s as many as 4 nines That’s as much as Princeton University’s endowment.


Almost a Twitterload of money!


Yeah you and @anon52120741 both say ~~this should be struck through~~. odd. :wink:

Thanks, it’s one of the things not on the formatting bar for some reason. Along with something old school C programmers would recognize too.

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So far, the best thing about ‘the metaverse’ is the sheer amount of money that facebook has managed to lose while chasing it. If they’d like to keep that up I’m all for it.


Just look at it!


… for extra emphasis <del> and </del> should strike through the text and also highlight it in red


… Silicon Valley may regret pissing off both political parties at the same time :thinking:


I just saw this amazing quote from Zuck in a news story today. Really significant, coming from him:

Seems like even he has given up on it now.


I’d say give it time. I remember when they came out with (pre-Bluetooth) earpieces and I couldn’t figure out why a substantial number of shoppers were apparently talking to themselves in the supermarket. Nowadays my first thought is that they’re using a Bluetooth (or whatever) and talking on the phone, not that they’re talking to someone who’s allegedly there but only they can see.* Anyway it seems a simple jump to walking around with a VR headset (especially if there’s some window-within-a-window displaying one’s physical surroundings, though I think some will even sally forth without that).

*As far as conversations occurring in the bathroom when there’s only one corporeal person in there, that could go either way. Neither of which precludes using a VR headset in there.

I should get a fake vr headset I can see out of, so I don’t look weird when I talk to the saucepans while I’m making dinner then maybe?




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