Master YouTube with 98% off this 5 course bundle

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At last, a post worthy of the paper 'zine of yore!


If it worked for Ronco…

Is this how you YouTube?

What if I told you there was an easier way? That you could learn the secrets of YouTube Professionals.

What would you pay???
$1595?, $899?, $500???
How would you feel if I said that it was only $29???
Yes, that is all 5 courses for the Low Low price of $29!!!

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People gotta take classes in YouTube? YouTube is a thing that can be… “mastered”?

Youtube, how does it work??? Master the mysteries and become rich with this quick and easy sales course that gives YOU the keys to the YouTube universe!

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Does it come with a set of knives? I’m only interested if it comes with a set of knives.


I want to sign up for this YouTube mastery course to make videos about my new dice.


Do they teach you how to make unnecessary animated gif previews of every youtube video you post to your blog?

I need that to increase my click count so I can sell more bundled packages of ebooks by posting advertisements in place of actual content.


This guy?

Who’s curating this stuff?

I thought I’d mastered it when I learned about #t=, but it sounds like there’s a lot more to know.


Use this one simple trick to use YouTube LIKE A BOSS!


“How I Make $2000 a Month on YouTube With No Filming”

It’s easy! Let’s see… 98% off a course bundle at $29 means those five courses are actually $1450. Call it $1500. That’s about $300 per course.

So… just get seven suckers to pay full price?

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