Max Barry on how science fiction prepares us for the apocalypse

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Jennifer Government prepped me for the mania over Yeezy Boost.


This is a bit off topic:

My Mom, hearty 84 years of age found a conspiracy theory on the web, it follows:
After discovering a doomsday asteroid was approaching Earth, world leaders created the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to distract the world population and force everyone to spend time with their families during Earth’s final days.

Now she is in an apartment all by herself and stressing big time. If they ever put me in charge, I’ll hunt down these a’holes, then you know what comes next.

I can’t see her, my Dear Wife can’t talk her down from wacky land, so the moral of the story is, stomp out these lies as soon as you see them. For the sake of your loved ones…


The cruelty is the point.


It always is with Fascists / tRump Co. / TGOP, etc.


So like we should be prepared for selfish bald rich pricks with spaceships ?

  1. dr evil.

  2. jeff bezos

None of the apocalyptic fiction I’ve read has prepared me for the sofapocalypse…



I really appreciate Mr. Brooks’ point. Science fiction and fantasy is mental stretching and a dry run for unusual situations.
As all this pandemic stuff takes hold, has anyone else had the strange sensation that you’ve been waiting for this? It makes me feel oddly peaceful.


Yeah, I’ll admit to having one of those sardonic “what took you so long?” sentiments once this scourge became evident. On the other hand I also know that the usual assortment of arseholes and sociopaths out there can make things even worse, so I’m not relaxing yet.

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