McDonald's introduced an "impossible" meatless burger in 1962 but it was pineapple

Been on keto for a few months and I’d happily try pretty much every burger-ish product in the original post or comment thread so far.

IIRC it isn’t a ban on eating meat per se, but forgoing "luxuries’. Beef and chicken were more expensive, and fish was the common, cheap food.

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Red Robin has the “Banzai” burger which is pineapple on a burger with a teriyaki sauce.
In general I like a really good burger with minimal toppings, but on an average or below burger toppings certainly help out.


Uh, nope. It was most definitely against meat (other things may have been banned at the same time, I grant). But water critters, including non fish, such as beaver, muskrat and turtles, for example, were allowed.


I don’t follow, do you mean that the story in the post and the excerpt from the McDonald’s website are wrong?


No, you’re right, I apparently can’t read

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But usually based on a theological technicality rooted in some sort of misunderstanding.

For beaver if I’m remembering it right early descriptions of beavers that made it to the church saw them mistaken for a fish. Because of that there needed to be a determination later about whether they were meat or not for religious purposes. So the determination was that the beaver’s tail was fish like enough to be ok on fast days. But the rest of it was meat.

Beaver tail is still given dispensation in parts of Canada and the US for reasons of tradition. Likewise special dispensation is given to Irish Americans to consume corned beef if Saint Patrick’s day falls on a Friday or during Lent.

The thing with fish is it is not considered meat under the religious structure.

Turtles likewise fell into a grey area and have sometimes been considered not technically meat. There might be some technicality about warm bloodedness.

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Something Awful?

McDonalds certainly has a fanbase

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I seem to recall that there was some sex-phobia involved, back in the day: fish were believed to form spontaneously from water, and were thus “purer” than animals that reproduced sexually. (Of course, I could have dreamed all this.)

Also, barnacle geese were officially fish, because why not?

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Breaded deep fried pineapple is amazing, but at that point, they might as well double down (heh) and just use two of them, and stick some cooked ham between them as a sandwich.

Damn, now I want one.



Although it might take a bit to persuade food snobs to try it, wild nutria meat, or ragondin, is higher in protein and lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, chicken, or turkey, and tastes remarkably like cottontail.

Lambert’s preparation is simple. He dredges the deboned meat in creole seasoning and browns it in vegetable oil. Next, he removes the meat, adds a mirepoix of carrots, onions, and celery, and returns the meat to the stew pot with a cup or so of wine. He finishes it all off with a roux once the meat begins to fall apart.

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I’m just here for toast hawaii.

Pineapple burger by itself, nope. Pineapple AND a burger patty, Jules knows what’s up…
This is a tasty burger

It does to Jesus, you filthy heathen

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Dude had some very weird ideas about what bread and wine represent. I’m terrified thinking what he may have to say about meat.

Why, yes they do - they’re alive!



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