Meet Flippy, the burger-flipping robot


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“And restaurants are gathering places where we go to interact with each other. Humans will always play a very critical role in the hospitality side of the business given the social aspects of food. We just don’t know what the new roles will be yet in the industry.”

For instance, we’ll likely need a new, cheaper protein source for hamburgers.


The future happens weather or not you want it to… Pretty cool thing, can’t wait until it’s not just a uni-tasker but a full on grilling and cooking machine. I have seen this on other sites, but the thing I found to be shocking is how many people blame the 15/hour minimum wage as the reason for flippy, baffling!


It’s last name has to be McFlipface or I want my money back.


Oh, here’s an idea - these robots are great, and so any restaurant that gets one has to pay a tax to the local government to set up a basic universal income. Everyone wins!


You want “Flippy?” I’ll give you some Flippy!



I was expecting Simone Giertz.


I really like how the Human worker is working with Flippy. See, Humans, we aren’t replacing all your jobs. Just this hot, sweaty job. Flippy will do it.

Next video introduces “Stacker” who then assemble the burgers while handing it off to the a lovely Human to take the order to the whomever ordered it

Next is “Trolley” who will take the burger from “Stacker” and deliver it.


Hi! My name’s Flippy! It looks like you’re flipping a:

  • Hamburger
  • Cheeseburger
  • Chicken Sandwich

Would you like help with that?


Flippy! Now with extra salmonella cross-contamination!


It doesn’t matter if there was a $15 or 15 cent minimum wage. The “job creators” will always want to remove the people from the business so they can keep more of the money.

But but…capitalism!! It lowers my money! Lazy bums!!!


Please. It would be “Stacky.”


Never be the same as ole lappy.


So much for getting a job at McDonald’s . . .

unless your job is “cleaning and maintaining robots.”

(goes back to reading Vonnegut’s “Player Piano.”)


I will disagree and point to exhibit A from Futurama. Is it “Bendy” Rodriguez or is it “Bender” Rodriguez.

Stacker isn’t the Push over Flippy is. Stacker Knows what he wants and takes it.


Something made of soy and lentil, perhaps. Different colours indicating different flavours.


Behold your doom, U.S. economy.



Speak for yourself. I’m joining ICE!