Meet Flippy, the burger-flipping robot

It’s like no one has been to a Krispy Kreme and been mesmerized by the doughnut maker…

There’s a reason the “Hot Light” is on.


They literally would need to fly it in, because I’m nowhere near Winnipeg.

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It should be interesting to see if the costs of maintaining and dealing with repair downtime will offset the costs of hiring a human being.


Your comment pretty much sums up the future as currently being generated.

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The problem is one of displacement: the economy can only absorb so much at any given time. Even if it could provide new jobs for everyone, it could never do so in a short enough time to see to those millions’ needs.


Well, this is really just an intermediate step, right?

Sooner or later, burgers will just be gels squirted into molds, cooked, then stacked and served.
The “burger” will look so much like the old kind, but will be fluffier and juicier so no one will object.


What about Soylent Green? It could help minimize the growing ranks of those unemployed by technology…

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Hollerith cards are great as long as you don’t encounter one of those nasty hanging chads. :smiley:


Hmm. When all of the low-end jobs are automated, are there going to be enough consumers left to support the businesses that automated? I thought that one of Ford’s “innovations” was that the cars were manufactured cheaply enough that his workers could afford to buy them.


Robotically cooked to perfection. Or just blackened to carbon.

Quite a lot of that would go on drugs and alcohol, putting starving people on the street. Humans just don’t function well with universal minimum wages.

Just waiting to see if they resurrect the McDonald’s “Calvin’s Got a Job” commercial, starring Number 5 of the movie Short Circuit…

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But how do we choose who eats the burgers and who…

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[Citation needed]


Quite a lot of old-fashioned wage-slave wages go on the same things, partly because wage-slaving is so fucking awful.


Replace “drugs and alcohol” with “cigarettes and Lotto” and I can take you on a tour that would answer your need for a citation within about ninety minutes.

I’m waiting for 3D printed burgers made from artificial meat.

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We have a good ve*an restaurant in town. They had to change the menu a bit shortly after opening due to months of complaints from customers coming in and being boggled by not seeing pasta primavera or veggie burgers.

Personally, I get confused and distracted when there’s more than 2 veggie options on a menu when dining out. I blame:

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Maybe, but if you’re a vean, or if you’re not a strict vegetarian but you’re the kind of person who would eat at a vean restaurant, you get tired of eating the same two things each time.

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