Meet the fish that happily live in the lake that turns birds to stone


The fish presumably survive the same way ocean fish do, by having glands that excrete the salts back into the surroundings and maintain a survivable balance of electrolytes in their bodies. They may also have evolved other changes in their biochemistry to tolerate higher levels of salt.

Us land critters have lost that ability, since we’ve evolved to spend less energy on eliminating levels of salt we rarely encountered… until humans invented fast food and salty snack foods, anyway.

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I thought, perhaps, the fish somehow used the reflection in their shields to avoid turning to stone…


I was interested in what happened to atmospheric CO2, and the bicarbonate deposits occur in the shallow waters of acidic volcanic lakes. Then the volcanic acidity goes away and the caustic bases are left. But the description of the chemistry seems inadequate because you can put a spoon of bicarb into a glass of water and drink it.

Kinda meta, but @maggiekb your posts are always fun and interesting, the kinda stuff that got me into BB in the first place.


Thanks for the kind words!

Plenty of bacteria can be found in the lake, in fact the lake’s colour comes from huge swarms of Spirulina, which love salt and are photosynthetic.

Remember, there’s a bacteria that can survive in any environment you can think of, with the possible exception of the core of a sun or a black hole.

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I am sure there are bacteria there too.

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