Meet vintage videogaming's archivist extraordinaire

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If he’s really serious about preservation then reverse engineering of the code and emulation is essential.
A quick scan of the original article makes it seem that profit is his main motive.

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is he only concerned with console games? or is it ALL video games? i couldn’t tell from the website.

The 2012 article was heavy on the highly inflationary nature of speculation and the collectible world. But the video refocusses on the vision and purpose of the endeavour. In hindsight, I see the article more as Clickbait, and the video really is a much better way tell the vision statement.

While I don’t actually care much about video games, it’s a good metaphor for the vulnerability of various niches in modern history. If we don’t have the curators, writers, archivists, and gatekeepers, all could be lost. On a similar note, I have recently been enjoying Richard Moss’s Life and Times of Video Games Podcast, following his book the Secret History of Mac Gaming, even though I know even less about Mac gaming than I do regular gaming.

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