Meitu's anime makeover app is a permission-grabbing privacy disaster


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Or just do it yourself by hand…


cough Scarlett Johansson cough

Damn cedar allergies.


While I have a quite genuine loathing of the advertising spooks; and a curmugeonly dislike of all things ‘mobile’ and ‘app’; I must admit that I found this part of the article somewhat troubling:

“Many apps collect data, however usually they are well-known company names which we have already trusted our data with,” says Greg Linares, a security researcher at the threat management firm Vectra Networks. Meitu, based in China, is “a foreign company, and they are collecting some very odd data that shouldn’t be looked at necessarily for the application functioning.”

I have…very, very little…hope that our Chinese data overlords are any more benevolent than the rest of them; but it seems like a bad sign that we are so jaded by the largely-already-lost battle on surveillance that you have to be egregiously data-grabby and one of them sinister foreigns in order to get noticed; while the fine, upstanding, companies doing the same things but incorporated in Delaware with a name you can pronounce are just how the world works.


And what happens if I deny permissions? Because, in my experience, it is becoming more and more difficult to refuse access to whatever the applications require and expect them to be still functional.


And by ‘a bit less’ they mean none. It’s all or nothing, either install the app and grant all permissions or just don’t install.


yeah but


Since I look exactly like Astroboy, I don’t need this app.



I’ve never had a “spit-take” moment on the Internet, but this…scrolling down to this just about cost me a laptop.


Ok, now that’s just creepy! :wink:


your laptop would have died with honor.


Almost worth not having animes at all.


What the heck is Wired’s problem these days? It now lets me read an article for a bit, then always gives me a nag screen about ad blockers.

Except that I don’t use any ad blockers.


i don’t get those… but that’s because I use ad blocker.

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