Meltdown Comics, a Los Angeles landmark, is shutting down

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That really sucks.


I was just there in October. When i visit my best friend in LA we hit a few comic shops. Meltdown and Mega City are the first two.

this is a damn shame.


I, for one, would love to know the reason(s) behind the closure; is it simply economics? Could nothing be done to keep the store alive, bricks and mortar-wise? There’s one heck of an extended community around that place, so if the business is a going concern, then surely someone/people might step up?




Crud. I’ll cross it off my “Things to do in L.A.” vacation list, and wish things would stop changing on me.


It’s a good question. I wonder if the answer is the same as ToysRUs: rent and Amazon (minus the executive salaries). Actually, with ToyRUs, it seems it’s less about Amazon and more a question of debt: It’s not so much the loss of another brick and mortar store, but the loss of a communal social space. What a time to be a kid!

a) a developer has been buying up properties on that block for a long while now, putting together this development.

b) retail is having a hard time, and print retail is having an even harder time

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Ah - the spectre of the developer, then. Seems like Meltdown would be a wonderful “Anchor Store” for the new project, but of course…things don’t exactly work that way :frowning: Even so, this is Hollywood we’re talking about, and stranger things (pun intended) have happened :slight_smile:

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