Memes as pop-up cards

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I’m digging the vast array of dumpster stuffs found under that link, including a touch-activated night light.

And the site’s header that says, “DON’T FUCK US OVER, 2022”


i like these a lot. i have a real affinity for pop-ups. i’ve been collecting pop-up books for the past seven years, a collection which started when i ran across the pop-up book of phobias by greenberg and reinhart which is a delightful and subtle work of art. i may have to consider adding some of these to my collection.

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These are really brilliant. The simple, yet satisfying analog animations are like gifs who broke out of toon-town into the real world and feel like a magic trick. It’s a bummer this can’t be sold. It seems like it sits somewhere between a the visual analogs to a book of “Famous Movie Quotes” and music sampling, the latter at least having a complicated licensing scheme, but still profitable…


I love pop ups!


One good meme deserves another:


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A series of smol, scary, Hallowe’en pop-up hardcovers came out during the late 80s- early 90s. They were V weird, and since I am, too, I thought they were adorable. I looked 'em up, and found out some were also available full sized, which I never saw at the bookstores where I worked. They’re by Keith Mosely, who’s created many other pop-ups. They have great titles: The Things in Mouldy Manor, The Ghosts of Creepy Castle, Some Bodies in the Attic, and The Door Under the Stairs.

My BF had a big giant haunted house pop-up book, which we gave my BFF one Hallowe’en. She was thrilled.

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