Mercury Waltz, a sequel to Kathe Koja's Under the Poppy

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“Splatterpunk” is a thing?

“Brite is a chameleon of a writer . . .”

I’ll say! Sometimes she even uses a completely different name!

But when the brothel closed, the Mercury Theatre opened, its music gone tinkling and mechanical and fey; and I trusted that music, and I let go. And waltzed.

Sigh It’s an old excuse and a weak one at that, but there are times when I read some throw-off statement by an author and I think to myself, “there’s no way possible for you to craft such things, even if the time is available.” That said, I’m glad such people exist and are putting their artwork out there for all of us to admire and enjoy.

Derp. I are idiot.

Wholly understandable–that paragraph has more than the usual number of Poppys and Zs.

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