Meth offered 'as casually as a cup of tea' in North Korea, reports LA Times




Those poor people live in a land of privation and want: yes; their leaders are mad...and?

Do you know what your Representative is doing Right Now? Your Mayor?

They cant get the good smoking dope, forget about coke...opiates lead to too much sloth: the Peoples Republic needs its citizens Awake and Aware. It's...sad. Unnecessary.

The average NK human is just a soul trying to make it in a world so much more scary and difficult than You (and I) have ever had to deal with. Have some empathy. Be glad it's not you.

"Annyeoung~! Meth? Why, no thank wouldn't happen to have any JW Black? Any alcohol at all? Negative, eh? Any form of THC perchance? No...? Some form of cocaine Fine: Thank you for the methamphetamine...onward to the karaoke lounge! Komapsumnida!"


When there's no future, why not take drugs?


I guess it depends on how bad you want your inevitable death to be? Meth fucks you up over time.


One bump or two?


Theu got meth. They got the bomb. They got courtier drama that makes Richard III look tame.

I'm getting some fucking iodine pills.


I bet they can't get the blue kind.


From the article:

Despite its draconian legal system, North Korea has long been easygoing about narcotics use. With analgesics scarce, opium paste is commonly sold for pain relief. Marijuana (called "mouth tobacco") is legal and frequently grown at home to be mixed in with rolling tobacco.


I am a little suspicious about this story.

It is certainly possible. But the "Uncle executed by hungry dogs" hoax is still fresh on my mind.


Maybe Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un are re-enacting Breaking Bad for Korean Central Television and it is all props?


That's what I get for NRTA: DPRK+THC=AOK.

Plus they get cough medicine that actually works. How...civilized.


A whole country on ice?

What could possibly go wrong!


Huh. So all the news outlets that recently reported Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana were wrong.


Oh please. Meth was available in the US for decades before our wise leaders arbitrarily banned it. And somehow there were no exploding meth labs, cartel atrocities, or people selling their bodies for money to buy the stuff.

Drugs done in moderation, as they are for the vast majority of the billions that take them, enhance life, regardless of whether your petit-bourgeois sensibilities view them as having a "future" or not.

And lets not forget what the drug war really is: a war against certain classes of people who use certain classes of drugs.


Not much more, I even think starting a war and losing it would improve their situation.


I'm not. From what we've heard of it North Korea is, in most ways, a horrible place to be forced to live. The fact that they don't subscribe to western norms about drug use, when you consider all the other western norms they don't subscribe to, makes a lot of sense.


We all know the scare stories about meth, but it was legal for decades in the US before it was banned, with little harm done. And even today the vast majority of the tiny, tiny percentage of Americans that use meth do so without any serious side effects or addiction. Yes meth addiction can be horrible. But so can oxycontin addiction. And cigarettes and alcohol kill more people and ruin more lives than all other drugs combined, by orders of magnitude. The worst part of meth is all of the trappings that come with the fact of it being illegal and expensive.

I've never done the stuff, though I have tried other varieties of speed so I know its not for me. That said, I've heard many stories from people that its can be a literal life saver when you need to work or drive long hours.

Its long past time for us to get rid of our knee-jerk puritanical reaction to drug use, and for us to separate the consequences of drugs being illegal from the responsible use of the drugs themselves.


Good to see Barbara Demick back on the job. But the couple of references to the degree of purity of the drug – surely a subconscious link to Breaking Bad?
I can't remember reading many articles about heroin where the purity was mentioned, mostly articles about heroin and coke focus of on size of trade/bust and the estimated street value.
A bit like how the CSI series created a tendency for crime reporters to include more technical details of crime scenes.
Fact filtered trough a gauze of fiction.... not sure I like it.


A gram is better than a damn...


That's bad and all, but I was thinking the high rate of amphetamine psychosis and numerous other health risks associated with addiction would be what you'd notice when it's socially accepted... as I'm sure you're aware, not all drugs are equal. Not that I'm saying criminalisation is a good thing, mind.

Its long past time for us to get rid of our knee-jerk puritanical reaction to drug use, and for us to separate the consequences of drugs being illegal from the responsible use of the drugs themselves.

Why don't you click on my profile and look at a few of my comments to get a gauge on whether I might ever employ the merest shred of puritanism in my ethical calculations...?

I have enough of a grasp of your stance to avoid a gaffe as embarrassing as that last comment. Your 'us' there presumably doesn't include yourself, and it damn sure doesn't include me.