Microsoft and Sony sign agreement to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation

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“We’ve secretly replaced their regular profit motive with bare minimum compliance with a contractual obligation; let’s see if they notice!”

Will we see a dramatic legaldrome spectacle like the one when HPE sued Oracle for deciding that their commitment to Itanium support just wasn’t worth the effort? A more passive-aggressive slow drip of obvious but not wholly game-breaking hints about which version is the golden child? More or less good-faith parity; delivered to all Playstation users who dutifully tithe for xbox live?


Call of “duddy”, lol, wut?

Microsoft is playing from Sony’s decades old exclusivity playbook—just to competitively catch up from their current pre-merger 3rd place status.

I play Xbox, and still not speaking as a corporatist fanboi here. What I am speaking of is the silence going on for over 20 years when it’s come to Sony’s business behavior. But this now repeated “monopoly” labeling of Microsoft’s merger completion is surprising when Sony’s massive anti-competitive dominance in developers, studios, and game exclusivities—AND NOW also includes the recent disclosure of Sony’s myriad of contractual prohibitions against every game and studio from ever participating in Game Pass?

Failing to explain Sony while labeling Microsoft a monopoly. Explain.

You do know that Microsoft has decades of monopoly practice behind it? This isn’t some kind of abstract worry that caused British authorities to pause this. They have done real harm to the world, far beyond gaming, and effecting far more people.


The only reference in this post is a tweet. It would be great if there was a link to an article with more substance. Since DuckDuckGo is my friend, I found a good one here, from The Verge.


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