Microsoft CEO is OK with women asking for raises


This is a women’s issue, it is also an issue for neurodiversity, anxiety disabilities, introverts and anyone with any kind of sense. The model of an employer who wants to pay as little as possible (regardless of outcome) and an employee who wants to make as much as possible (regardless of their contribution) is one that rewards arrogance, narcissism and confidence schemes.

Of course according to nearly everyone it’s also the only possible way to do things. And since the general consensus has never been proven wrong before, I’ll just go back to my cave dwelling and eat some berries.


“I don’t want to fall for the … ‘supply side’ excuse,” he said to cheers from the audience, though he did acknowledge the pipeline of women interested in science and technology is not as big as the pool of men.

Amazing that he acknowledged a sentiment which is, in fact, false right up until the point where the culture itself starts pushing them out.

The “‘supply side’ excuse” or the size of the “pipeline of women”?

Well, you could connect remuneration to

a) whatever employer and employee agree upon,
b) the employee’s position in the company, or
c) some objective measure of an employee’s contribution

c) The “objective” measure is not, generally known. Concrete systems will most likely be slightly or even flat-out wrong, i.e. they will reward things that are irrelevant to company success. And they might unintentionally advantage or disadvantage parts of a diverse workforce.

b) … and the position is decided by variants of a) or c). Nothing new here.

Communism is no solution (unless it’s really the perfect communism that has never materialized) - rewards tend to be distributed by a persons position, and good positions are reached using the usual methods.

Pure libertarian free market economy is no solution. A real libertarian will probably consider it just, but marketing your skills in a truly free economy requires many of the same skills that negotiating for a raise requires.

Conclusion: no solution in sight.

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