Microsoft changes policy: won't read your Hotmail anymore to track down copyright infringement or theft without a court order

Haven’t used Hotmail in 5 years. If it wasn’t free, I’d cancel it in a New York Nanosecond!!

I still do not believe you Microsoft and I never will, ever.

Uh, okay. So Google learns that I’ll unthinkingly buy a Neal Stephenson book and so offers it up when one becomes available. Oh no! Scary! Mind control! Seriously, hyper targeted advertising is roughly the least scary thing I can imagine. If all my ads were things that I want, I would call it a service. Please Google! Don’t shower me with interesting books and board games I might want! Your evil mind control powers will leave me helpless and destitute! So scary!

I would pay money for a site that does good book or board game recommendations.

There’s a slight difference between offering up something you might buy versus tweaking your state of mind so you will buy. There is also a difference between targeted (showing you something you want) and tailored (showing you something you don’t want but in a way you’d find more appealing).

Personally I find the thought that one day I could be groomed to suit an adverts demographic pretty creepy.

However, once again, nothing to do with the original post and entirely hypothetical. I’ll never get the hang of this commenting thing.

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