Microsoft says it won't use contents of emails to target ads


I love email, old school interoperable, open, it works; the downside is spam and tracking the to/from and contents by enough webmail providers for social data mining. F-U Facebook walled gardens and the critical mass of asshats who have given up on real email to make it easier to message as they play farmville.
My dream communication protocol.
Routing similar to TOR, balanced P2P movement of encrypted traffic so it is impossible to analyze who is actually sending or receiving mail, FOSS client/server software similar to how bittorrent works.
The software would use IRC or other way to discover some peers to bootstrap you into the cloud so you don’t need an ISP, Google, or Facebook providing the service, just an internet connection.
I also want POCSAG paging in my phone so it is not trackable while I can still receive messages, and I want a pony!!!
Seriously though if we can leave our GSM modems off most of the time and a replacement to email becomes a black hole to the NSA and commercial entities then 75% of our personal life returns to private despite the ubiquitous security cameras and credit card history which both require some work. There was enough desire for free TV, music, software, and movies that we have a well developed easy to use bittorrent underground distribution network, why not something for secure private communications?


…targeting based on social graph, search history and browsing history, but not email contents.

Sadly, I don’t even get that. I’m running AdBlock Pro, and it seems to interfere with Google’s ability to send me targeted ads. It’s lonely, in a way.


I wasn’t all that worried about Microsoft reading my e-mail, all hotmail is is a spam repository.


That said, maybe we should at least log in to see it all once in a while, as a token gesture of approval for M$’ lipservice to privacy…

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So what will the contents of my email be used for?

suppose it deserves a ceremonial emptying of the junk folder.

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This is the same microsoft that freely admits it reads journalist and other customer files if it suspects its corporate interests are at stake

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Enlarging your penis?

That depends on who they choose to give it to.

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Don’t they monitor/censor Skydrive content or did that stop?

AdBlock makes hulu really mad, so they show me a blank screen for like 3 minutes or so.

I’ve pondered whether an extra minute or 2 of silence is healthier for me than 2 minutes of annoying ads.

I’ve decided I’d rather have the silence.


Two weeks worth of spam in my Hotmail junk folder comes to 18 items. I can’t even remember the last time I had more spam than legitimate e-mail. My Gmail spam folder also contains 18 items, but about a third of those are false positives.

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