Militant Leftists

Did you know that there is a theory that left handed Miltary folk are better leaders?

The implication given is that left-handers make good military leaders by virtue of their left-handedness, and the justification for such a conclusion (where one is offered) is likely to be along the lines of the acute sense of navigation, strategic planning and visualization enabled by the left-handers’ unique brain organization.

Some famous, left handed military folks:

Alexander the Great

Ramses II

Julius Caesar

Joan of Arc


Are you left handed? Are you at the helm of a powerful, destructive military force?
Does your left-handedness confer any special military efficacy?


Also Queen Victoria!

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I wonder if I should compare and contrast some different militant leftists against some militant rightists and see if they tally a higher win rate?

Who’s the frood what’s been doing that data analysis stuff?

Oh yeah @William_Holz, what kind of data should I gather to make a nice, shiny graph of this?

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Trick question – they’re all african!


Left handed people? Well… eventually, I guess.

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As in … actual left and right handed battle statistics? Or right vs. left wing?

GlobalEdge maybe? I’m not even sure there’d be a good source there, who’d collate and curate that and how do you determine who ‘wins’ these days?


I bet you could merge a list of lefties with a battles database. Global Edge is actually a good starting point then, or maybe a military history database.

Probably miss a bunch of lefties that aren’t documented though, so you’d have to stick with pretty recent battles I’d think.



OH! I bet you could just control for the statistical percentage of lefties in the population! So if you’re at 5% for your generals and 10% of the population is left handed then you could (very very roughly) assume that that portion of the additional population is lefties and adjust. Might be nifty.

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One person’s dominant hand is another’s oppressor. I vote ambidextrously.

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you forgot Napoleon Bonaparte.

lefty reporting in. [quote=“miasm, post:1, topic:72167”]
acute sense of navigation, strategic planning and visualization enabled by the left-handers’ unique brain organization.

sounds exactly like me. i think i would have thrived as a soldier. maybe not a leader (introverted tendancies, sometimes) but i like a physical job; i like chain of command over hearing “yeaaaaah, if you could just do that, that would be superrrrrrr” from above, and it helps people like me when you must give commands to others. who knows, maybe i would have risen through the ranks. i suspect they would’ve tapped me for more technical or admin type work. but as Lloyd Dobler once said “My dad wants me to join the army, but i can’t work for that corporation.”

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