Millennials are cheap because they're broke

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This “dilemma” will only worsen as time goes on, after a long periods of unemployment the Millennials will be considered unemployable, actually it’s already happening…


It’s funny. People have been talking about how Black Friday sales this past weekend have been pretty sluggish. I found myself at work hearing crickets and I got this strange sense that I was doing what everyone else was doing: Everyone was at work at their crappy job flogging bargain crap, so no one was shopping. The retail and service sectors employ a significant percentage of people where I live, and I think that lopsidedness is largely responsible for people not performing their patriotic duty and lining the pockets of their betters.


They are lazy, that’s the problem! Back in my day, I could get a job hauling coal for a penny a ton and I was grateful! I worked hard and scrimped and saved and now I have Medicare and Social Security (which the government better not touch cause I hate socialized health care!) and I watch Fox News! So I know these kids are lazy and don’t want to work!!


It’s a bogus scenario to begin with - there isn’t really any such thing as income nor property. Old style economics fails to consider that most people have a relationship with objects and territory which is based upon superstition. In order to know if a person is “cheap”, you’d first need to know how they measure wealth. If that’s too much to ask, then economists are pissing into the wind (which is what they do best).

File that under “No Shit Sherlock”


And they have a good safety net.
They don’t need to leave home and commit to being self supporting till later on. Staying home till you are 30 isn’t as unusual as it used to be. And yeah part of that is the fact that a solid 40 hour week is tougher to come by.

(Yeah, a grumpy dad point of view.)


People actually in this situation worked this out a long time ago:

Edit- Posting QC instead of xkcd is kind of becoming my thing, isn’t it?


isn’t it more like “they don’t have a good public safety net. they have to stay home because of missing solid jobs”?


For fucking everybody.
I swear the only way I can get a pay raise is jumping from job to job…
And then I lose bennies for an unknown amount of time, plus I am now where I get 4 weeks vacation which would all be gone if I jump ship. But a raise? The last raise I got was because I had a manager on another continent who had no clue what I did and just said hey have more money… Not that it was more than inflation mind you.


Maybe it just makes more sense to live collectively. Consider the amount of money people spend for separate, individual houses, cars, tuition, etc only because of cultural pressure. If people in your neighborhood pooled resources for just a few buildings, cars, and teachers to share, the cost would be negligible. Not only is it “cheap”, it’s also more efficient use of resources.

There is no reason for people to each pay through the nose for the same things, there never has been.


Well, alot of Millennials measure wealth in iPhones.
They’re as materialistic as ever, just pointed in different directions.


Unfortunately there are such things as illness and needing food and shelter. If it wasn’t for those inconvenient things then I expect that many more people would be opting out of the capitalist system that is failing to support them.


This is a similar thing to people complaining about poor people driving Benzes.


I shared a house when I was a Uni student. I have no desire to do that ever again. You guys who want it, go be in your Collective. But get off my damn lawn.


A bit of column A and column B.

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This sounds back-asswards to me. The fact that there are real necessities seems like the best reason for opting out, because business-as-usual does such a poor job of providing these things. It’s not as if, as people get older and more needy, they will be exploited less.

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I’m not complaining. Just acknowledging their aspirations are different.

I’m sure opting-out is as simple and easy as just not going into work anymore, and then just don’t be out on the street after you stop paying for everything. I’m sure your landlord or bank will be very understanding and won’t call in some guys with guns and bombs when you refuse to get out of the house they claim to own, but where you’ve been living.

I’m sure that it’s just so much simpler and easier to just enjoy never getting sick, and not having to ever need someone else’s professional help. It must be wonderful being unvaccinated, and having untreated diseases. Cuz, you know, opting out means that you’re not going to be paying doctors and pharmacists, and they sure as shit won’t give away everything for free. They have debts, and they know if they don’t pay those debts, eventually guys with guns will come and lock them up in prison.


I was broke when I was young. Who wasn’t ? Besides who wants to hire the kind of people that shut down campuses over “safe places” ? They’re lawsuits waiting to happen. I wonder how many of these hashtag warriors have made themselves unemployable by major corporations where they would get the best salaries.