Mind-bending supercut of computer simulation existence theories

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Hey has anyone else noticed an increase in lag recently?


Still not buying it. I know, I know, the internet is whiz-bang. But the woo still isn’t one bit convincing.

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Ah, you’re just programmed to say that because you’re an NPC. I can always spot an NPC.

By the way, maybe you can help me with a problem?
I need someone to capture FOUR LARGE HADDOCK for me and deliver this MESSAGE to RIVERRUN.



Yes… master…

The problem with simulation hypotheses is they make too many assumptions which either can’t be proven or don’t hold up to contrary (some new and old) evidence. I don’t know why people keep asserting our how is a simulation as if magically it’ll explain why we don’t understand gravity or something. The fact is spacetime is “digital” inasmuch as it’s discrete. But that discreteness doesn’t mean we’re in a digital computer more than it means physical systems operate within specific values (ex. electron energy levels). There’s nothing magical about this other than it’s taken us this long to figure it out.


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Combinatorial explosion is a bit of a problem in producing consistent sims with long ad-hoc histories. you really need to simulate the world from the get-go, which rules out the sort of ancestor simulations that Nick talks about.

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