Minecraft bans money-making server swizzes


I’ve seen complaints in the Minecraft forums about kid-run servers that offer game-breaking goodies for cash. Personally, I can’t see why that would be fun, but then I’m not a kid with a credit card.

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Seems to be a common misconception amongst journalists; The EULA rules are nothing new. If anything, Notch has clarified his stance and written more permissive caveats into the EULA.

All he’s done is point out the changes made and that people were already breaking the EULA. Everyone seems to be on the bandwagon that he’s cut off this revenue stream for entitled server owners, but the reality is that what the owners were doing was against the EULA in the first place, they just got complacent and comfortable with the fact that they were “getting away” with it all this time…


And it’s even more telling: Notch reminds people about EULA, makes it more permissive (although still banning the most morally suspect schemes) and people still freak out…


It’s both of those things. He has cut off a revenue stream for exploitative, entitled turdlingtons and they were indeed violating the EULA all along.

I’m not big on EULA enforcement (nobody reads those things) but in this case what was occurring was actually morally icky; selling gameplay advantages is a crap practice and should never have been done anyway.


I think it sucks Notch is getting so much backlash for doing a good thing. These server operators took advantage of people. I personally refused to play on servers like that, but my buddy did. He got burned when he put out some cash and they had a server reboot, starting everyone from scratch. Very scammy.

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