Minecraft for Nintendo Switch is having a $24 pre-sale

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The hell is that top picture? I almost thought those were natural structures, maybe trees? With the worst texture pack ever? Wouldn’t it be better to advertise it with the virgin landscape?

Looks like Goomba Village with a giant Piranha Plant from Super Mario.

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This is why Mario and Minecraft do not mix.

Minecraft is fine, but the Switch has a ton of games that I personally think are more interesting and/or more worth your time. FWIW, some of these are available on other systems, but I think they are still well worth the money:

  • Stardew Valley - probably the last Harvest Moon style farming sim you’ll ever need. A big update with multiplayer is coming soon (already out on PC in beta form). Relaxing, and has surprisingly deep characters.
  • Celeste - A lovely twitch platformer that’s as difficult as you want it to be a (which can be very difficult). Great music, great message.
  • Splatoon 2 - Awesome stylish third-person shooter, now with a fun co-op horde mode and tons of weapon + level variety. Splatfests (community events where you pick a side in a debate and fight to win it) are great.
  • Golf Story - Quintessentially Australian golf RPG. If those words don’t sell you I am pretty sure I’ve stumbled onto the wrong site.
  • Hollow Knight - Lovely, content-filled metroidvania with a dark Ghibli aesthetic.
  • Mario vs Rabbids - Not-so-secretly an amazing XCom-style tactical turn-based shooter.

if you already bought Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition last year, you’ll get this one for free.

As with our recent Better Together update for Xbox One, players who already own Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will be able to digitally upgrade to Minecraft for free.

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Second vote on Mario + Rabbids here. It really is great fun.

Jake Solomon (the designer of XCOM) wrote an interesting piece on his response to Mario+Rabbids:

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