Minecraft to become AI testbed


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Maybe this explains why the non-human-disguised Terminators look like skeletons.


Yea, go AI, too bad all it ever makes are giant pixel art renditions of Pokemons.


Well better that than a giant gold penis. -_-


I’ll just leave this here.


“At 2:14 AM, the Minecraft AI became self aware, Herobrine was born. Three billion Steves died during the events that followed. The survivors call this Judgement Day…”


maybe they can come up with an AI that can fight off windows 10 trying to take over my windows 7 machine.


To take advantage of the offer, users will need to install AIX

I might have been okay with HP-UX or Tru64, but you have to draw the line somewhere.


I think IBM owns the trademark on AIX, so MS better watch their step.

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