Miniature free food pantries based on Little Free Library concept


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Nifty idea, but I’m waiting for that first guy who used to take ALL the newspapers to take ALL the food instead.


I will bet 400 quatloos that some moron comes along and demands that legislation be passed outlawing them as being unhygienic and an unfair competition to retailers.


Seattle resident here! I’d always heard that food generally wasn’t a problem for the homeless so much as access to paper and hygiene products: toilet paper, sanitary wipes, garbage bags, razors, feminine hygiene, etc. Making something like that available would probably do more good.


From the post:

“Project goals are to reduce hunger, increase access to food and toiletries”


That’s the point of such efforts: we have to learn how to exchange things without always depending on the market to enforce the rules. It might be kinda rough at first, but we’ll never learn how to share if we don’t practice.


Not just the homeless are poor/food insecure. A lot of working parents, especially single or single income, need help keeping everyone fed.


I had the same thought. In fact, this story immediately came to mind:


Eh. Newspapers you can sell on the corner pretty easily, bicycle parts have markets too.
But lentils? Canned peas?

The only people who will ‘steal’ them will be people who just deliberately want to be assholes. Some of them probably need the food and think it tastes better if they imagine themselves pulling one over on the system rather than accepting charity.

The ones who steal it and dump it, well, hopefully that’s a pretty small demographic.


I’m waiting for the inevitable person who vandalizes one, poisons the food, or generally does everything they can to destroy it because it helps people. For a huge portion of Americans, someone getting something for free is THE most evil and horrible thing that can ever happen in the world.


Or, you know… as a goddamned HUMAN BEING.


This was honestly my first thought. Because some people really are that horrible.

The other type would be someone who does the same things but “just for the lulz”.


I tried to read the linked article, but a band of about a dozen marketers repeatedly hijacked my browser session, so I gave up. Wonder where those kids got their ethical cues.


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