Miniature gasoline engine

Or a used one for even less. Cox Medallion .049 Engine - Excellent Condition in original Jewel case. | eBay

But I get it that the process of making the thing is the point, not a drawback.


The satisfaction of hearing that little engine fire up and run would be incredible! The only downside is that 10 minutes after it first ran some robocall tried to sell him an extended warranty.


As someone who is realizing I may have too many hobbies… Is hobbying a hobby? I am also an avid cyclist with more money invested in 2 wheeled devices than I care to admit to. And yes we are super annoying :wink:

However a fancy bike stinks for going on an adventure with the kids or a trip where its going to sit outside.

Have you look at Giant brand bikes? An Escape might fit your needs.

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It takes a lot of skill to make one of these, but for an observer unfamiliar with some of the minutia that goes into making a gasoline engine it’s probably no more impressive looking than a miniature steam engine or stirling engine, both of which are much easier to build and can run off of a variety of fuels other than dinosaur juice.

I built an ice-cube powered stirling engine in college and later a little steam engine as a quick hobby project. I’ve been thinking about trying someday to make one of those low-temperature-differential stirling engines that can run off of the body heat from your hand. It’s less complicated than a gasoline engine but probably a better conversion piece. Certainly quieter and less stinky.




What you’ve saying, then, is that these are the Porsche versions of RC engines?


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I’m good. Hot-cha!

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Thank you, it is always good to watch someone do something they are so good at.


The whole question of why build what you can buy is deliberately skipping the point. We make things ourselves to enjoy the process, find out how they work, play with various tools/toys while doing so, pass the time in an occupation we find pleasant. I’d rather buy produce that grow it, but prefer to make my own pastries. The satisfaction of using something I made myself is worth a lot of effort. Mind you, a well equipped shop can make the difference between a fun build and frustration. Laura Kampf has a wonderful YouTube channel, but it’s her equipment that makes many of her builds possible. And then there’s primitive technology, another fun YouTube experience where the creator is building houses without any machinery at all.


Having an overpriced tiny engine at the end of a six month project? Worthless.

Having the skills to build a functional tiny engine out of nothing but stock metal and a couple of tools? Priceless.


No, but I t’s awesome to actually get a sensible recommendation. Thanks!

Mrs Peas actually got me a bike for Christmas last year. A friend of ours works at a bike shop and does refurbs on the side. He hooked me up with a nice light-ish Specialized with upgraded components. It’s the first bike since I was a messenger (when my only new-from-the-shop bike was stolen) that actually fits my frame and doesn’t make my knees ache. Maybe when the kids all grow up I can prioritize the expenditure, but what she got me is awesome for now.

ETA: I just looked it up and realized that I actually was looking at that exact bike during the first summer of the pandemic. Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what I want eventually, thanks for reminding me.

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Or you can buy a sweet Toyan two cyinder four stroke for way cheaper and get right tothe having fun with it part. I am currenty building an rc rat rod with mine.
TBH I totally get why you would want to build your own too.

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