MK Wren's House of the Wolf [book excerpt]


If only one of the major movie studios would tackle “The Phoenix Legacy” (or perhaps Arthur C Clark’s “Rama” series) instead of constant reboots of Spiderman, The Hulk, Star Trek etc or yet more spin-offs from Star Wars or other existing films. These are epic space operas and there is more than enough to interest a general movie audience I think.

Thank you Martha Renfroe for writing these - I have read (and re-read) them many times.

As another example of a book that I would recommend to everyone - read John Wyndham’s “The Chrysalids” if you have not already done so. I would also recommend this as a great book for older children. Why hasn’t anyone made a film (or perhaps a children’s television series) about “The Chysalids”?

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