Mobile carriers make $24B/year selling your secrets

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Yet another reason to hate telecom corporations.


Where the hell did I give my express consent to this nightmarish modern panopticon we are all living in? What steps can we take to make this illegal, like it should be?


The consent is surely in the long, complicated contract signed with the phone company.

I’d love to see this be illegal but, in the shorter term, anyone know if there’s a carrier we can avoid this with? No cell phone isn’t really an option for modern life, but it’s seems to now require no more privacy.


Surely they must be in competition with the US Congress by now (for the extreme depths of unpopularity)


If only headline hyperbole was worth as much!

De-identification can work, just take a look at the Springer book Statistical Confidentiality: Principles and Practice, by Duncan, Elliot, Juan Jose Salazar. Census Bureau and CDC have been releasing data publicly for decades. The Netflix example was not de-identified (they removed user names, that’s all).

The bigger question is what methods did they use to de-identify. Since the carriers don’t publish this, we can’t know what they are doing. Also, how are they linking data if it’s “de-identified”? They shouldn’t be able to link if it’s properly de-identified, unless they use a trusted third party for the linking (and I seriously doubt they are). They should be transparent about their methods and data collection.

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