Mom gets $3,000 bill after doctors remove plastic doll shoes from 3-year-old's nose

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(Curious, how 2,658 inflates to 3,000.)


D’oh that was silly of me


There should be laws against hospitals reducing an individual bill after the amount gets widespread coverage. $3000 is peanuts to make the story go away, and they might even manage to spin it into positive PR. If they weren’t allowed to amend the bill, they might have to actually answer for it.

If you could get out of a mugging arrest simply by handing back the victim’s wallet, mugging would be a lot more popular.


HEY THEY GOT THE AID SHUT UP-- Oh, thought we were talking about something else, my bad.


To be fair, that shoe was REALLY FAR up that kid’s nose.


That’s a difference of $341. A big difference for ordinary people’s expenses, but chump change for hospital bills.


Dang, was it a Loubuton?


The price of rugged individualism.


Considering that urgent care couldn’t do it, this does not seem any more outrageous than normal.

Notice how the headline also inflates it from shoe to shoes.

Well, clearly, this woman is trying to game the system, saying it’s one shoe instead of a pair. Clear fraud there… /s

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Well I’m sure the hospital would want to charge two unmatched shoes as separate procedures.

How cheap! This kid at least had some serious necessary treatment. Recently my 6 year old son had abdominal pain, he was rolling on the floor, crying and asking to be taken to the hospital. It was just 2 mins after the urgent care facility closed so we ended up in emergency care. They checked us in and 2 hrs later, by the time we were waiting to see a doctor the pain passed, most likely gas. The doctor came, talked to us, didn’t give any medicine or treatment or touched the kid since he had no more pain. We received a bill for $1,600 (AFTER INSURANCE!) and a separate bill for $500 from the doctor because it was out of network. Awesome emergency room visit with No treatment and no medicine WITH INSURANCE for mere 2,100 F%^#% INSANE!

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