Mondrian pong


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Never been a big fan of abstract Mondrian art until just now. :smile:


The ol’ “Excel sheet with coloured squares”.


Re: Excel art, also at, there’s a piece on this awesome guy…



Here ya go, Cory. Enjoy it, improve it…


EDIT: Not my work - © 2016 K.M. Hansen, MIT Licensed


You could enhance it by making the various colors affect the ball differently. For instance, a yellow area may speed it up while a red area slows it down and a blue area restores the default speed. If you wanted to simulate those areas as different materials, you could also have the ball refract when it enters each area.


This might be the best thing I’ve seen all day.


That looks like a great screen saver.


I made a Mondrian inspired game for a game jam last year (the theme was minimalism) but instead of pong it channels simon says.


Ha - that’s great! Really nice work.

My Mondrian-inspiration was in the form of a clock Mondriane the name comes from Mondrian and the minimalist watch-maker Mondaine.)



His b3ta stuff is really good. He’s always getting front paged.

Good stuff on his website, too.


Mondrian Pong sounds like a great name for an IDM or Nerdcore collective.


That’s a really cool clock :slight_smile: It took me a while to figure out how to read it. Bonus points for the punny name.


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