Moral economy and software development: software without politics is recipe for totalitarianism

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Imagine government agents combing your Twitter account, fitness tracker logs, credit card receipts and private communications for signs of potential pregnancy, with the results reported to the police to proactively protect your unborn baby.

TARGET already has that technology.


The apocryphal tale of the slowly boiled frog comes to mind.

I wouldn’t expect much. People have been saying the same things to engineers for decades, and for every Oppenheimer we still get one Teller.

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Software development involves “working with deterministic systems that have been designed by other human beings” to find the “clever twist” that gives us the "feeling of…

…using family money and social connections to turn bullshit little twists of technology into a startup to flip to a VC or a brainless squid like Hewlett-Packard.


What Ceglowski had works too.

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