Morbid and risque Valentines of yesteryear

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These do look real to me. I’ve seen some vintage Valentine’s Day cards online before and they seem like they were quite stalker-y, crazy, or creepy. Other old holiday cards are also pretty weird, people used to send each other cards with pictures/drawings of dead birds on them (i think during victorian times). So yeah…


I just remembered I asked my entire third grade class to be my Valentine.

That’s not legally binding, is it?

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Only if you were over 18, which is a whole separate problem.


Well, those ARE fairly good at symbolically depicting the range of adolescent/early teen romantic angst back in my day. ,Shudder…

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I’m almost sure the top one once said "I’ll be a skunk if…and the gun and rope have been shopped in. It’s a pretty good job, but the hands seem weird and the rock is a little transparent – you can see the end of the dock through it.

The one about the mustard on the weenie could so easily be misinterpreted by modern readers. And, perhaps, by the original readers.


The spacing in Sunk seems a bit suspect but the rest of it doesn’t seem altered. I think it might be real… Also i have seen other examples of old valentine’s day cards threatening suicide (in a lighthearted fashion) so the main image of the skunk one seems believable. I’d look for other examples but i’m at work lol :stuck_out_tongue:

My grandma had an old card featuring a baby standing on the edge of a cliff by the sea. I don’t have an image of it but the card reads (this might be slightly different from what the card actually says):

I didn’t know the sea was so big!
I’d get wet if I jumped in it.

I told my love if she didn’t love me I’d die…
–Ain’t love the limit!

So I think attitudes about jokes and stuff surrounding Valentines day have changed over time, similar to Halloween. Maybe people make fewer jokes about ‘the little death’ compared to back then so the symbolism isn’t as prominent or humorous.


There are many opportunities for creepiness in the modern world.

No beating around the Bush. You could Trump my heart if you would Cruz with me.


Can confirm the Skunk valentine is legit. I received it from my love a couple of years back and it has resided on our fridge ever since! :slightly_smiling:


There are actually a lot of Trump themed valentines out there


Gotta love creepy Trump-isms

Not that the card is dated, but Hallmark’s crown logo was created in 1949 and trademarked in 1950. That said, the card could still be from that era.

Additionally, printing would have been done in multiple passes so the idea of a part being transparent or bleed through is more than reasonable.


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