More experts pull out of RSA conference


I wonder if they couldn’t make more of an impression by being in the room,than outside.I not sure at this point the people in the NSA are capable of listening to others opinions,but still,maybe in a face to face,in discussions that they don’t have total control over the can at least hear what those who are being impacted by their spying have to say.

I simply don’t agree with your proposition that being in the room would help. The strongest way to communicate to a misbehaving company is to deny them prestige, recognition, and money.

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Talking to the NSA at this point is not going to work. They are willing to publicly lie to Congress - what could anyone possibly say to them that would change their minds? The best impression we can make on the NSA is to take RSA down for this. They need to be made into an object lesson on what it means to cooperate with the NSA, and they are a good choice because there is no question whatsoever that this was a deliberate decision to sell out their customers, the American people, and the world. As has been noted elsewhere, it would be much harder for the NSA to do what they are doing without the willing cooperation of private companies.



It’s one thing for the likes of Google et al to compromise their data for the sake of fictitious security benefits, but when one of the world leaders in security does it then quite frankly they deserve no customers.

Why are they even still in business, let alone hosting conferences?


from what i gather there are 9 boycotting so far. dave lewis has been so kind as to offer a scorecard of sorts

Are you likely to be heard when the laager is formed and defences raised?

Breach the walls, clear the rubble and defects then and only then can development continue.

The decision makers within the RSA who were party to the events need to come clean with full disclosure. Not sit and wait to see if they are named through the activities of whistle blowers then look to the laager for help.

This is a terrible own goal. The RSA show is the main trade show for the industry. Right now we need as many people to be finding out about security products and controls they can deploy to defeat the NSA as possible.

RSA got punked by a social engineering attack. It happens. I can’t see any reason why the NSA would tell them the real reason why they were pushing the Elliptic Curve random number generator. But there was no secret about the NSA pushing for Elliptic Curve.

The RSA deal wasn’t secret either. Certicom got $15million for the licenses. The story out was they wanted everyone to start being serious about Elliptic Curve. I worked for a competitor at the time and I knew about the deal from industry gossip.

Of course now with the hindsight of the document dumps we know that the NSA was stabbing us all in the back. But we have to focus on the real problem here not turning on each other.

I have a friend who was in the civil rights movement. When I told him about the NSA activities he told me that the worst damage done by the FBI attacks on them was to create the suspicion that everyone might be an informer.

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