Mosquitoes suck. Here are eight ways to end their reign of terror permanently.

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If you can’t eliminate standing water, I would heartily recommend mosquito dunkers when possible. The “dunkers” are basically sachets of naturally-occurring Bacillus thuringiensis that kill larval mosquitoes. I use them constantly for my backyard carnivorous-plant bog containers. (You do need to add more every few weeks or so to prevent new generations from developing)


Learned this here on BB years ago: run the bite / sting under the hottest water you can for at least 30 seconds as soon as you can. (Not boiling, obviously duh). It breaks the toxins down.

Absolutely terrific! and free! But doesn’t stop them coming back for pudding.


Ah, a sperm suit! :smiley:

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It always reminds me of Mike Teavee:


I hear that concentrated garlic based mosquito barrier sprays are excellent for outdoor areas. Apparently the little suckers are not keen on garlic.

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A friend told me a tasty blend of 20oz cheap dish soap, 20 oz of cheap mint mouthwash, and 2 cups of epsom salts keeps every single bug away. He poured it out in a circle around his campsite in N Michigan, where he and his family had been getting eaten alive by mozzies, and all of them ahem bugged off. He later experimented with it by pouring out a huge circle of it around wooded land they own, and he said that even after several rainfalls there were no bugs at all within the circle. Since he also saw no bees, butterflies, nor fireflies, I would suggest its careful, sparing use. I’d only use it on part of our front porch, to avoid chasing away pollinators.

Also, get rid on any plastic bags outside. The folds and wrinkles in the plastic hold tiny stagnant ponds of water which is the optimum egg hatching medium for the mosquitoes.


Don’t have brackish standing water where you can prevent it, and use products that protect your body from the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are part of the ecosystem, part of the diet of many species, and they pollinate as well. They aren’t like apex predators, they are on the fat end of the pyramid of species, and removing such has a cascade effect on all the species above them, including us.

Yes, I am aware of malaria and other mosquito-carried diseases. We can’t continue our ignorant past behavior of ridding ecosystems of species just because they are dangerous to us, especially in economically troubled parts of the world where the ecosystems are already teetering on the brink of ruin.

Humans are not in danger of extinction because of mosquitoes, but the elimination of mosquitoes in local ecosystems could endanger many already threatened species.

Did Ric Flair get lost? Cuz all I see here is a bunch of “woo”.



It has to be to pump out all that woo… I mean “optical, ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves”.

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My late friend Jordin was part of a project that not only zapped mosquitoes on the wing with frickin lasers, but even determined their gender before zapping, and only blasted the dames.

A talented gizmologist, and a great filker.

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