Shock your way to mosquito bite itch relief

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I bet it works.

I tried blasting a hot hair dryer on the bump, which also works.
Of course, this is quicker, easier, and - I imagine - not as painful.

Thank you.

Rubbing alcohol works for me.


I prefer a solid taser blast to forget about the mosquito bite and all my other worries for a bit


I use hot water from the faucet, as hot as I can stand. Provides instant relief that lasts a good while. I’ve heard it claimed that the itch will come back worse later, but that doesn’t happen for me.


I swear by this ugly thing that attacks the cause, not just the symptom. It’s simply a lightbulb that heats up the bite to the point where the irritating compounds break down. If I can get it on a bite during the initial histamine reaction, when the bite location starts getting puffy, it will stave off the more intense reaction completely. It looks like the worst pseudo-science crap imaginable, but is actually sound.


Kind of hard to trust the “science” behind a “Mosquito Bite Reliever” that tries to imply that mosquitos are venomous.


Never claimed their marketing language was sound.

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And I’m not claiming it doesn’t work for you. It would be great if there really is safe, efficacious treatment for the allergic reaction to mosquito bites. The Amazon reviews are positive on balance, with a significant uptick of 1 star ratings, including people with minor burns from the device, an outcome the maker does not dispute, but says is due to not letting the unit cool for 60 seconds between the two 20 second treatments.

you can simply rub shea butter on it. or rather not scratch the bite area.

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I sincerely have not tried the product but why wait for a bite from mosquito when you can prevent one by using a repellant cream

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Yep, just substitute protein or enzyme as needed in their sloppy copy.

I use this too.

I tried the piezoelectric starter from my BBQ on a bite I had.

Warning do not try this!
I ended up burning myself with a giant spark that felt like a cattle prod.
The burn site turned ugly purple over the next week.
But I do not remember it itching anyone.


Or drip hot candle wax on it… fun for the whole family!

Doesn’t currently seem to be available, sadly. I could use such a thing.

I’m not sure if they’re specifically aiming for the mosquito market, or bees/wasps/hymenopterans…

But it should work on mosquito bites as well, because the bump is your reaction to proteins in the mosquito saliva. Proteins in saliva are like proteins in venom, thermolabile.

I’ve tried something like that, didn’t work for me.

Yep that’s what I use.

Because when you forget to put repellent on your crotch, you need this handy electro-zapper to take care of the problem.

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