The Bite Helper removes the itch of a mosquito bite in seconds

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  1. Press the hottest spoon you can reasonably tolerate on the bite for about 20 seconds. I like heating water in the microwave and then putting the spoon in for a few seconds. Get creative!
  2. Save $30.

Hot spoon? How many thermo-pulse emitters does a spoon have? One? Pffft.


We boil a bit of water and put it into a small jelly jar. Works well when you’ve got multiple bites.

That said, I have looked into getting a similar device to leave in the car or to take on walks.

Edit: This one seems like a good buy:


I had a really itchy bite last night.

I grabbed a discarded plastic bag, filled it with the hottest water out of my tap, and held the bag on the bite for as long as I could stand. Worked like a charm. Cost nothing.


First, ooh boy is this thing not actually chemical-free. Barring a new physics, this thing is absolutely PACKED with chemicals. One might even say it’s MADE OF them.

Second, even if what you really meant was “it doesn’t inject drugs or chemicals into your body,” that’s a far cry from proving that it’s “100 percent safe.” My microwave is “drug and chemical free” in exactly the same way, but I’m not going to put my hand in it. Ditto my stove burners.

But the good news is that I heard about similar inventions from somewhere else and was briefly curious whether they might be worthwhile, and now that it’s been advertised on the BoingBoing store, I know it’s overpriced woo garbage.


This thing is huge, who wants to carry it around all the time? During a period when I was drawing frequent bites I tried one of the little keychain-sized piezoelectric bite zappers that @frauenfelder had recommended; it worked well, cost only $2 from China, and in a pinch could also ignite a blowtorch.


Or hold a cheap lighter upside down so the flame touches the metal part and once hot press that onto your bite for as long as you can handle. Takes a bit of practice not to get it too hot but works just as well and you don’t need to carry a spoon around.


pound the affected area with heat and vibration

Points at the night stand. Already have those features in some other products.
Never thought to try them on a mosquito bite though… [runs off to find a mosquito]

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Why the liquid middleman? Just heat the spoon in the microwave. Going to try that out right now, I’ll report back.


20% DEET works, as well as a few other chemical repellents. It can damage synthetic textiles, but you should probably be wearing cotton anyways. (I have some 95% DEET, it lasts significantly longer but otherwise it did not have any difference in performance compared to 20%, the 7% stuff didn’t seem to last long enough to be useful). I’ve had zero luck with natural repellents, with the exception that I refused to even try a catnip-based one where I hike.

I mean, certain bodily components are sometimes shamed as “mosquito bites”, and those elements can, for some, be pleasantly stimulated with night-stand products.


But does it open doors so I don’t have to touch them, and can I use it to cut apart poop when my toilet won’t flush? I want one thing from the Boing Boing store that does all those things, and I won’t rest until I get it! Or until bedtime. I’ll probably rest then. But only for eight hours or so, and then it’ll be right back for the brass-key-poop-saber-bite-helper multitool!


Yes indeed it is 100% safe. That’s because it is 100% dysfunctional.
I bought one of these very same items off ebay and it is a steaming piece of crap - and a real offence that the thing is being sold at all. To be perfectly honest you would get more bite relief from an actual steaming piece of crap than “The Bite Helper”. It doesn’t help. Not a bit. You were warned.


Came here to plug Therapik – we have two and use them a lot. My wife is made of mosquitoes’ favorite food, apparently, and nearly every day in the summer I have to go fetch the Therapik for her. Oh, and it’s half the price of this one on Amazon.

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