Most lithium deposits in the US are on or near tribal land

The subjective word “interesting” is doing some heavy lifting there.


Strange. It’s almost as if the solution to the problem of ‘cars’ isn’t ‘more cars, but of a different variety.’


Please send me a copy of this book when it’s done!


That’s the hope. The shut down of the Peabody mine really left the Hopis up the creek economy-wise.

We will certainly hope. The mining of uranium in Navajo Nation land left 500+ open pit mines, not to mention tailings piles and ore waste lagoons. There are hundreds of Superfund clean up sites on the land.

He was the original Pretendian.


I’ve been following the Thacker Pass protest camp for the last year and a half, plus. Once while vacationing in Tahoe, I considered driving to 200+ miles out there to lend my support.

As I understand it, the proposed mine site isn’t on Native land (though you could argue it is), but it’s close. And like the post says, the mine will devastate the area for the next 40 years and use up a whole lotta water, which there isn’ t much of around there. The Pass area is also the site of a massacre in the 1860s where the US army slaughtered a lot of native people. You could say it’s a sacred place.

The two lead protesters have been making good points about the fact it’s not good enough to not allow the mine to move forward, but we need to rethink our entire transportation infrastructure (maybe even economy). That’s where this protest naturally leads to if you think it through.


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