Most versatile handlebar GoPro mount

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For when the helmet cam isn’t shaky enough?


I don’t even bother. I’ve learned that my constantly scanning for danger head is non-cinematic.


At some point Go Pro is going to need to add optical stabilization to their cameras. Or, at the very least, a global shutter, so that electronic stabilization doesn’t just turn the shots into jello.

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That thing would look like this in less than 20 minutes on my mountain bike.

Maybe a chest mount would be a better idea?

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Maybe the better use of this is for makeshift mono-pods? Just wrap it around a pole or stick and away you go :slight_smile:

These mounts are horrible. Do not buy this.

Please explain. Just saying “these are horrible” is not enlightening.

I wanted to weigh in here. I strongly recommend against this mount. Let me elaborate:

I have an extremely similar mount, for smartphones to mount to my bicycle. The mount is made by RAM, which is very well known for vehicle mounts and the like. Here’s a photo of what I have (not my photo), you can see how similar it is.

If the cross section of your handlebar isn’t 100% circular, you will never get a totally snug fit. The strap wants to conform around a circular cross-section handlebar. If you look at the cross section of my handlebar, it’s more like a square with very rounded corners. The grip is not as snug as it should be, and the mount slowly rotates forward or backward, no matter how tight you pull it!

Even look at the photo I provided! See how there’s a wire caught inside the loop itself? That little pocket right above the wire, where the loop doesn’t touch the handlebar, provides wiggle room! That’s just enough wiggle room for the fit to be less than snug.

Also, yes, the strap is rubberized, but even still, it will SLIDE along the smooth surface of your metal handlebar. The surface-to-surface grip just isn’t “sticky” enough.

Thanks for the follow up and recommendation to expand, Skeptic. You are correct.

I bought this product and it doesn’t fasten well at all. It is flimsy. Also, the mount for the GoPro doesn’t tighten well. The whole thing is rickety and shakes all over the place. It was a waste of money, entirely. It would only be suitable mounted on something that was not moving at all.


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