Music videos that are like that because pandemic

The Boings introduced me to a couple of fun videos during the last couple years that were notable due to their production during lockdown. One that sticks out in memory is Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers, which was originally planned to be filmed in Kyoto but due to the pandemic ended up being done in front of a delightfully cheesy green screen:

So far, though, the best (and most evocative) pandemic-era video that I’ve seen is another one that BB introduced me to, from Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, which someone described as “the first Zoom music video”:

Anyway, are there other videos from 2020-2021ish that are the way they are as a respone to the pandemic, the lockdown, etc? Share what you got! The pandemicky-er the better.

No rigid rules to this game, but prefer videos where the production was a response to the pandemic.
And try to stick to YouTube and Vimeo embeds if you can. And have fun!

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Gotta include the moving, ensemble version of Foo Fighters’ Times Like These.

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