Music: "Wrap It Up," The Fabulous Thunderbirds (1986)

Upthread, I accused Lou of not being a hot commercial property in '86, but, come to think of it, he did get some MTV play with “My Red Joystick” a year or two before, he did those Honda commercials in '84, and he had just released his Mistrial album, which definitely felt like an attempt at a further pop move. Management probably set up his soundtrack work.

I get what you are saying and agree. I’m not a fan of showoff bass players in general (Bootsie being a notable exception) but this one just felt more phoned in than just right. Subjective but thats where I stand.

Good points and I suspect your conclusion is correct.

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I used to watch Country Dick (Dan McLaine) for 2 dollar keg money in 79 and 80, when he drummed in the the GREAT Crawdaddys and the Penetrators. Mojo played guitar in the Crawdaddys briefly, too. First concert? There were a lot of these in San Diego’s Lions Club and Fairmont (Carpenter’s) Hall.
I guess the first “signed” band with radio play would have been X, with Ray Manzarek on keys. That pissed us off: 5$ rip off!

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