Music: "No Sugar Tonight," The Guess Who (1970)


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“In the silence of her mind
Quiet movements, well, I can find
Grabbin’ for me with her eyes
Now I’m fallin’ from her skies”

Oh yeah, Fuck YEAH!


American Woman was the first album I ever bought. Dat n Do Dow Dow

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These guys don’t get half the love they deserve.

Pardon me, do you have any Freedom Rock?


Pfft, Canadians.

yes comrade, Randy Bachman CBC Radio 1 Vinyl Tap
check it out
free on planet earth
Thank You

Turn it up!!!

Also they are sitting in a micro :bus:


luckily for little Noah, Detroit’s mighty WRIF kept this track and also American Woman in rotation well into my 80s pre-adolescence.

I have the 8track, but the fucking tape snapped.

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I have the Grass Roots greatest hits in rotation almost always. This is just one of their very many wonderful songs.

I introduced it to my daughter today because she told me I hate songs about “Sugar” after asking her to stop singing “Sugar, yes please!” Also the recently blogged Sugar, Sugar by the wicked, wicked Wilson Pickett.

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Oh yeah, I was in that thread; great tune!

If you still have it - and something to play it on - its not too difficult to splice magnetic tape with scotch tape, at least the ‘new’ cassettes I’ve dealt with. I had some crappy tape eating players and/or abused tapes for a while.

the splicing is no problem, but re-spooling an 8track is a tremendous PITA

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