Get the new Wilco album 'Star Wars' for free

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At least their not pushing it into my library without asking. I can safely ignore this one!


Favorite band of all time, but every time they release a new album…

Let’s just put it this way. There is always a track that describes in intimate detail the precise nature of a conflict or challenge I am going through right then.

So ima little wary to crack this one open :smiley: (damnit tweedy, get outa my head!!)


Meanwhile, in Canada, ALBUM IS NOT AVAILABLE! How infuriating, that Apple’s iTUNES would tell me what I CAN AND CANT HAVE FOR FREE! [parody rant]
After previewing the album, I recommend the last track.

US only in both iTunes and Amazon, in this day and age… :frowning:

However, I discovered if you go directly to their own site you can download the album as 256 Kbit/s LAME-encoded MP3. It requires an e-mail address, you can use a one-time address if you like.


On top of that, it appears that users need to install the fucking fucking fucking fucking amazon application to download the MP3 directly. The fuck? Yes, I know it’s free and so on, but boy oh boy am I beginning to miss the days of, “Hey, here’s a [tape/LP/8-track/CD] of a pretty good band–check it out.”

If you do not get off my lawn right this second…

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