Bono sorry for compulsory iCloud album


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to give away music, whether you’re a superstar or some band no one’s heard of. It’s really on Apple for not realizing, after more than a decade’s worth of experience in the digital music experience (which, in turn, propelled the company to a level of success that practically no one but Steve Jobs even dreamed they’d reach), that people consider their music collection to be very personal space and can be quite fussy about what is and isn’t in it.


Not a big U2 fan, but getting a free album is always nice.


I’m always slightly baffled by Apple’s seemingly emotional attachment to Bono, despite the mediocrity of their ‘collaborations’, as well as the fact that “Let’s make a compulsory change using the power of our fully armed and operational ‘cloud’ infrastructure, for no particular benefit!” didn’t set alarm bells ringing all over Cupertino…

Yes, Apple has nearly discretionary power over every iDevice that isn’t jailbroken good and hard; but it would seem counterproductive to spook the users by exercising that power except when it benefits them. Why push Bono’s latest drivel when they could just give a big “Free” button front-page space on the ITMS?

Also, how did every member of U2 not get punched when they described using the digital command-and-control infrastructure of their corporate partner to perform a compulsory distribution of their album as ‘really punk rock’?


I’m not one of those who was offended by the compulsory “gift” but I do understand that a person could, very legitimately be quite miffed about it.

At least it was a decent apology, not one of those lame non-apologies often offered by corporations.


Even free it was wildly overpriced.


How do we know it was Apple and not U2 that came up with the idea of making this gift opt-out instead of opt-in? Bono’s apology makes it sound like at the very least U2 knew and agreed to that fundamental aspect of it.

And that’s really the only source of controversy. A freebie should always be opt-in, simple as that.

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I sincerely apologize if anyone took what I said out of context and got offended because they’re too stupid to understand what I really meant to say. I’m really, really sorry about that. You may now forgive me and pretend I never said anything that could possibly offend anyone. - about 90% of celebrity and corporate “apologies”

Bono didn’t do that here, good on him.

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seems like a case of code re-use/mis-use. add the album to everyone’s itunes acccount, then if “automatically download purchases” is turned on, boom… it’s on your device. it’s possible they didn’t really think it through, and perhaps even thought they were being clever.

but yeah, it’s certainly possible for them to put an item in the music store that’s free, and you are right, that’s what they should have done.

[quote=“halloween_jack_, post:2, topic:43035”]that people consider their music collection to be very personal space and can be quite fussy about what is and isn’t in it.[/quote]I am struck by the contrast with game libraries in Steam. The way things are going, we probably will reach the day when some of their offerings might get crappy enough that people will start clamoring for the ability to remove things from their libraries, including things they might have gotten for free – but I don’t think we’re there yet.

“Drop of megalomania.”

How many gallons are in a drop?


about 7 +/- 2 chunks.

As a guy who spent way too much of his life hunched over used CD bins, the “failure” of the U2 album launch fascinates me.

I get that it’s a significant interface error. Getting songs you don’t want in your living collection of music forced down your throat is not fun, especially when you’re at a time in life when music is everything. This isn’t U2’s screw-up, it’s Apple’s. They took a really cool idea- “Here’s our new stuff, people, we don’t even want any money, it’s FREE”- and butchered it. I had no interest in listening until I saw, of all things, the music video (more like a 30-second commercial, but still).

But still…if you tell me from 20 years ago that Bono’s going to use my phone to give me his new album for free…my mind would have, like, EXPLODED. It’s such a pre-Internet idea.

Oh ok, Bono. I forgive you. It’s ok, don’t worry about it.


As U2 wasn’t ever a punk band… I’m not sure that criticism lands.

Always nice to see a celebrity admit to a ‘drop of megalomania’ though. All is forgiven Bono.

Again, how do we know U2 didn’t sign off on the opt-out nature of this promotion – or suggest it or even insist on it?

Apple unquestionably deserves some of the blame, because there were problems with the execution going beyond the faux pas of making it opt-out (it was too hard for less-than-power-users to get the gift off their devices), but we don’t know for sure Apple deserves all of the blame.

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Ah, but we’re talking about a megalomaniacal gallon, those are quite different from the usual sort.

Full disclosure: This entire post is an excuse to type the word megalomaniacal.

a drop of megalomania, a touch of generosity, a dash of self-promotion and several truckloads of pompous ego.

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