Bad Apples

Like, really? And why isn’t BB all over this?

It didn’t though, did it?

They added the album to your library, but didn’t download it, and I read that if you don’t download it, it’ll disappear in a month.

Don’t download it, BTW, it’s crap. Even by recent U2 standards.

Damn, they used to be good, too. 25 years ago. I guess having your head permanently stuck up your arse makes it hard to be a good musician.


What is it with Apple and U2? Are they trying to alienate younger customers with dadlike ‘we can rock too, just you watch’ posturing?

Looks like I miscalculated their reaction.



Amen. I’ve seen the band uncounted times, and this is easily their worst. The Ire is Unforgettable.

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I think they’re basically following the Rolling Stones path, just 15 years behind. Their recorded music was great, decades ago. Still a band that are a big event live (if you don’t mind paying a fortune for an arena gig), but run screaming from the new material.

Except the Stones are, and were, much better, natch.

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