Why does everyone hate U2?


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wearing wraparound sunglasses indoors
[/quote]He’s been suffering from Glaucoma for over 20 years. As for the talking…


Some things you shouldn’t get too good at
Like smiling, crying, and celebrity
Some people got way too much confidence, baby.


They’re white guys in their 50s. Easy targets even without the blithe narcissism a few of them possess.


Bono once represented an ideal, a counterculture for many. Then, similar to most Kerbal Space Program missions I’ve flown, over time all those little errors and out of touch flight corrections turn you into a white hot ball of plasma.

Wait, what were we talking about?


Alas, my insurance never stretched to Maison Martin Marghiela


I try not to hate people I don’t personally know because it’s just a waste of my time & energy. Having said that it’s their tax arrangements that annoy me.


Help make Bono history.


Please…I will focus on Bono… An Irishman that acts as a buddy of his English oppressor… A guy who hangs out at the Davos Meets shaking hands with the enemy of the people believing that he is able ( I mean that guy is a fucking rock’n’roll singer) to change the course of history with his toned down declarations about the state of the global environment accompanied by full fledged pseudo-concerts on the top of buildings so production-licked they are obscene… Fuck off Bono!


A lot of Bono’s work comes across as having lunch with the Pope. Or rather, it’s the Pope having lunch with Bono. He’s not actually the story - Bono will eat with anyone if they lay on the stew - the focus is on the people in power having deigned it prudent to have a chat with him. Such photo opportunities are there to show you the dignitary is trying to listen to popular figures in the campaign for a more just world. When I’m annoyed at a world leader though, and I think of myself as a representative of a lot of people who get involved in Amnesty International campaigns and campaigns for more and better social justice, the last thing I want to do is break bread with them. Bread is the last thing I would break.

So yeah, if you are attuned to the sort of campaign he represents, you get the feeling he’s bit too chummy with the elites (granted we do have a better quality of Pope these days), but if you don’t give two figs about the details of his work, why dislike Bono?

Pretty much the same reason. We have a dislike in the UK for what we consider to be a ‘social climber’. It’s not because we consciously want to keep everyone in their place (that urge is largely sub-concious). Bono comes across as an everyman sort from an urban area of Ireland, and now he rides hoverboards with Obama in the future. What was wrong with skateboards? And what was wrong with Ireland? And two pints and a packet of crisps? People are suspicious that when someone like Bono keeps company with uppity-ups, in his mind he thinks he’s keeping ‘good company’. It’s fine to get judged by people that don’t know anything about you, but when Bono has become too good for your party, it feels like he’s made judgment on your cocktail sausages, and by association, you.


I can´t say I actively hate them but I never understood how such bland music could fill stadiums and how it fit in with multi million dollar pyrotechnical spectacles and videoscreens as big as houses. It´s the definition of polishing a not very offensive smelling turd to a chrome sheen.


They made okay music back in the 80s. Now they’re just kind of annoying and Bono comes across as pretty pretentious. The only person who is worse is Bob Geldof, who has been living off a one hit wonder and LiveAid for almost 30 years now. I think the annoyance comes from the feeling that they’re doing activism more for the PR than for the causes themselves. It might not be true, but it’s what comes across when they keep jumping back into the limelight with a new cause or event or fund raiser every time nobody has talked about them for a while.



When someone with Bono’s wealth starts telling other people they need to give away their hard earned money it’s gonna get some backlash.


I get the impression even the rest of the band are often eye-rolling when Paul Whatseesname plays Bono. Need a gif for that…


Shouldn’t the “Shut Bono up key” 'shop be in RED?


Because every time Bono claps his hands, a child dies in Africa.


Weird that people get so fired up over a band. And this is coming from someone that’s been to probably 500 concerts in 35 years… Just enjoy yourself. Or don’t.
I will say that U2 created 4 of the greatest rock albums of the 80’s - perhaps a couple in the “ever” category, so there is that. IMHO, as they say - Boy, October, War and Unforgettable Fire. Joshua Tree is pretty awesome, too.
I also think that they’ve made solid records in the ~21st Century, All That You Can’t Leave Behind is great.
Also, what band with all the original members are still together for this long? ZZTop comes to mind, but that’s all I can think of. Of course, death plays a roll here.


To me the question is “Why does anyone care about U2 and Bono?”

Some of their music is good. Some of their concerts are entertaining. Bono has raised awareness of and donated money to some worthy causes.

Good for them and him, I guess? Makes them better than the majority of musical acts by my measuring stick.

Maybe I’m deficient of the Local Sports Team/Our Musical Act/Us-vs-Them gene…


For some folks, I imagine Bono is still trying to shed the image of an insufferable ego-monster that he projected in “Rattle & Hum”. He’s been far more humble since then, and these days comes across as a very grounded guy, but man, he was easy to hate during that period in the band’s history.

I still have no idea why so many people got so genuinely angry (well, online, anyway) at being given a free album that they could easily delete if they didn’t care for it.