Homeland audiobook, read by Wil Wheaton, is back on downpour.com


Not available in Canada… Good thing I got it in the humble bundle, but this is really annoying. So many e-books, movies, tv, etc isn’t available here. Are publishers trying to make fewer sales? Or are the Canadian rights just owned by someone else who isn’t making use of them?

Not available in the UK either, very disappointing! I missed the humble bundle but was looking forward to picking this up, Wil and Cory together would be magical.

I’m really sorry about this. Downpour has erroneously blocked this outside of the US; it happened on a weekend so it can’t be fixed until Monday. Try again then, please?

Yeah, but we’re a nation of pirates. Oh, wait! It’s because we can’t get the stuff here that we pirate it; I had it the wrong way around.

Thanks for getting this fixed (come Monday) for all of us, Cory. From your previous comments, this really stunned me. Thanks for renewing my faith in you. :smile:

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