Homeland audiobook behind the scenes: Wil Wheaton explains his cameo to the director


How does one get just the audiobook version of Homeland read by WW. It’s not on iTunes.

Thanks but I’ve been there. I’d pay twice as much if I could download the Homeland audiobook on iTunes. Sorry but I’m lazy and into convenience.

I’m lazy too so I just paid for it on the site and downloaded it. Done.

I can’t sell my books on Itunes because Apple refuses to carry them.

They only allow audiobooks that have DRM on them.

I’ve given up tens of thousands of dollars in money for my family because of this, and lost my publisher, which required me to spend $30,000 out of my own pocket producing the Homeland audiobook.

I’d be delighted if Itunes carried my products, but not at the expense of giving up my principles on DRM.

I’m sorry about the inconvenience.



Cori, Sorry to hear that. My issue is that I only want the audiobook and I want to be able to click on it and hear it in my car. If you want to reach a larger audience you may need to adjust your principles slightly but that’s for you to decide.

It’d be great if you’d tell Itunes that you believe that creators should have the right to decide whether DRM is put on their creations or not.

I stream podcasts and audiobooks from my phone via bluetooth in my car all the time. Maybe you should try it!

Thank you, Al!

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