Music: "Twilight Zone," Golden Earring (1982)

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My beacon’s been moved under moon and star. Where am I to go, now that I’ve gone too far?

So that’s what he was singing? Cool song, but still prefer “Radar Love.”

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Hey, cool, analog displays!

As a kid I loved the song but the video gave me nightmares.

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Ohh woah-oh!

“Radar Love” is okay, but this right here is one of my favorite songs of all time. Of all time.

Fun fact: Golden Earring has been a going concern longer than the Rolling Stones, and their lineup has contained the same core members since 1970 (only ZZ Top has had a more stable lineup, among chart-topping rock bands). Though they’re still hugely popular in Europe, they haven’t toured outside Europe since 1982. Edit: 1984.

I love to play this song. Very satisfying to go from the main riffs to that bass riff on my baritone Gretsch.


Agree. I think this might be the first song I bought as a single MP3.

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Hannah and I were blasting the stereo and singing this at the top of our lungs as we pulled into the elementary school drop off this morning.


I saw them in L.A. in 1984
A college roommate took me to see them - fun night - the drummer had this insane setup.

Manhattan Transfer / Twilight Zone/

Awesome. I was just listening to this, not 20 minutes ago.

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I saw them at the Santa Monica Civic. I think they opened with Radar Love, played it again before an intermission, followed intermission with Radar Love and then played it for an encore.

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Can’t argue with that.


I was jamming this last weekend!

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MY MOTHERFUCKING JAM! Seriously…the 7-minute-long full album version of this song is so monstrously epic.

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Any musicians here use Reaper? I propose we record us a cover version. I’ll see if I can lay down drum and bass tracks this weekend, then forward them to the next volunteer to add some guitar, keys, or vox.

If you haven’t heard of Reaper, it’s a swell alternative to ProTools that costs all of $60… and the evaluation version is the full, uncrippled version so you can see if you like it with no risk. (end plug)

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to record a cover version of this for ages, and this’d be a fun and easy way to virtually jam with you guys.

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